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Discmania Limited Edition Lux Vapor FD1 (Rage Stone)

Discmania Limited Edition Lux Vapor FD1 (Rage Stone)

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Flight Numbers

Flight Numbers:  7 | 4 | 0 | 2

The Discmania FD1 is designed to sit between the popular Discmania FD and Discmania FD3. You can expect a stable flight with a nice fade at the end while still being very controllable. You'll see a little less glide than the FD and a stronger finish, but not quite as strong as the FD3.

The FD1 can handle some power and even a decent headwind. There are shots where you'd like your FD to be a little more stable and the FD1 is designed to do that. Don't be surprised if this becomes a go-to fairway driver in your bag.

These first appeared in the 2023 Discmania Mystery Box.

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