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Innova Champion Glow Leopard3

Innova Champion Glow Leopard3

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Flight Numbers:  7 | 5 | -2 | 1

Glow Champion Leopard3 – This disc in glow plastic is absolutely money! a favorite of the guys at the OTB shop, the Glow Leopard3 has an insane amount of glide. When thrown hard with hyzer, it flips up to flat before a slight right turn and a little bit of finish. The glow variant of the mold is a touch more overstable than the Champion and Star versions. It can be really thrown hard with out fear of turn and burn but it also gets enough turn and glide to go extremely far for a 7 speed fairway driver. It is a controllable disc that can be thrown on a bunch of different angles and shot shapes. The glow Leopard3 is perfect for the woods, the plastic can handle plenty of tree hits, but with the glide and controllability of this disc should help you carve up any woodsy courses. With a super straight flight and an amazing feel with the glow plastic these Leopard3’s are a favorite of Innova throwers. Grab a glow Glow Champion Leopard3 today and see if it feels and flies like a dream.

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