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MVP Eclipse R2 Neutron Nomad (Halloween Edition)

MVP Eclipse R2 Neutron Nomad (Halloween Edition)

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Flight Numbers:  2 | 4 | 0 | 1

It's whispered that, under the full moon's light, James Conrad might be spotted wandering the wilds. With glowing eyes, shining fangs, formidable claws, and a mane of luscious hair, he’s always on the hunt for his next birdie—and he’s destined to find it.

In the first act of our spine-tingling double feature, Green C Studio presents James Conrad, the friendliest guy you could know, in the role of the Wolfman! Boasting a straight-stable flight that holds true to any angle you release it on, and a rim aglow with blue luminescence, you’ll stride confidently into your night rounds with the first-ever Eclipse R2 Neutron Nomad.

Let it unleash your inner beast as it lights up the fairways—introducing your very own MVP James Conrad Eclipse R2 Neutron Nomad!

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