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Paul McBeth 6X Claw ESP Luna

Paul McBeth 6X Claw ESP Luna

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Flight Numbers:  3 | 3 | 0 | 3

This is the new 6x Claw Luna Special Edition to celebrate Paul McBeth's 6th World's title. These are limited edition and are extremely sought after collector's items. 

The Discraft Luna comes with a brand-new, distinctive plastic composition that combines the Jawbreaker fan favorites with the toughness and added stickiness of rubber. The combination and firming of these two materials results in a fantastic grip and the highest level of confidence on the course. The Luna is a go-to putter for thickly forested and open-style courses because it is an excellent neutral flying putter. With this control, The Luna can display any putting stroke or angle to its fullest advantage. You might have noticed that the Luna's flight numbers have been updated. The disc mold has remained the same in order to better mimic Luna's actual flight.

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