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Thought Space Athletics

Thought Space Athletics Votum - Ethos plastic

Thought Space Athletics Votum - Ethos plastic

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Flight Numbers

Flight Numbers:  9 | 5 | -1 | 2

The Thought Space Athletics Ethereal Votum is a stable 9-speed driver with an awesome double-sided stamp. The Ethereal plastic feels similar to Discraft's Big Z plastic, and the small rim fits nicely in hand. Ethereal plastic is very durable and takes a long time to beat-in.

Thought Space is known for having incredible artwork on their line of discs, and this one is no exception. The three-color stamp comes in a variety of foil colors, and the plastic is also available in several different color options.

The Thought Space Votum flies similar to a Discraft Undertaker or Innova Halo Star Savant. We tested this disc and found it to be slightly more overstable than its numbers suggest. If you are looking for a versatile fairway/control driver with exceptional plastic, pick up a Votum before they're gone!

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