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Clash Discs Cinnamon - Steady plastic

Clash Discs Cinnamon - Steady plastic

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Flight Numbers

Flight Numbers:  9 | 5 | -1.5 | 2

Steady Cinnamon – A fantastic feeling disc from Clash Discs that is more understable than the Ginger but flies longer than the Lotus. The Cinnamon has a comfy feel in the hand that can be used for a ton of shots from slight hyzer flips to anhyzers that fight out the whole flight. The Steady plastic from Clash Discs are fantastic feeling and will hold up to plenty of tree hits, if you are inclined to throw at trees;) The neutral flight of this mold makes it perfect to be your main fairway driver that you reach for over and over again. You can beat the Cinnamon in to a nice understable flyer and cycle several Cinnamon’s through your bag. Make sure you pick up a Clash Discs Steady Cinnamon today!

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