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Discmania Eagle McMahon Creator Series Swirl S-Line Cloud Breaker

Discmania Eagle McMahon Creator Series Swirl S-Line Cloud Breaker

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Flight Numbers

Flight Numbers: 12 | 5 | -1 | 3

Eagle McMahon has just signed with MVP Discs, but before his contract with Discmania ended the two parties agreed to have one final run of Cloud Breakers to commemorate his time representing the shield. This run will be your final chance to snag one of these iconic discs and is available with a unique new stamp.

The Cloud Breaker is a DD3 mold that has been tweaked to fit Eagle's desires for the mold and is a popular choice for max distance drivers because of its combination of slight turn at high speed, reliable stability, and great glide

This is what Discmania says about Eagle's final run of Cloudbreaker:

As the sun sets in the West, Eagle stretches his wings and prepares for one last flight. With a powerful push, he sets off into the night. Charging through the breeze with effortless glide, he turns his head with a twinkle in his eye, then vanishes out of sight.

Eagle’s famous version of the Cloud Breaker is now available to all with a very special rendition. This depiction fondly illustrates his time with Discmania, as a player, and his journey to new adventures beyond the veil. Wherever the wind takes you, we wish you nothing but joy and success with all that you do. Go get em, Eagle!

The Cloud Breaker is the tool you need to harness your ultimate potential and unleash maximum distance to your game. Players with more arm speed and power will be able to obtain a full anhyzer flight out of it, both with forehand and backhand throws. Those with a bit less power or are still developing their skills can still take advantage of the great amount of glide that this disc offers.

About the Swirl plastic: Our new and improved formula will be debuted on the first ever signature disc with this CloudBreaker release. This three-color technology and modified swirling pattern has been thoughtfully created based on feedback from the previous year and a whole bunch of testing. We’re excited to see what you think of them!

“Eagle played a key role in defining the signature product culture, a model that just about every disc golf company out there would quickly follow suit. We not only developed special discs and products for his line together - those things became a brand, an entity, an identity. His style of play ushered in a new era of aspiring athletes eager to walk in his footsteps and emulate the powerful shots that one could only dream of throwing. Eagle has helped revolutionize modern disc golf and bring it in front of a far wider audience than we ever thought possible. The longevity of the Cloud Breaker brand is a testament to this culture and the tremendous support behind it.” - Discmania

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