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Innova Halo Savant

Innova Halo Savant

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Flight Numbers:  9 | 5 | -1 | 2

The Innova Halo Star Savant is a stable to (in our opinion) slightly overstable disc golf driver that will hold its line and finish with a predictable flair skip. The Halo Savant is unique in that this particular plastic makes it more overstable than a normal Star Savant. Once it beats in and becomes flippier this disc will have a beautiful s-shaped flight path when thrown with enough speed. Newer players can use this disc for forehand flick shots or, if they have enough arm speed - backhand distance drives. These Halo Savants come in several different colors, and the Halo effect makes each disc totally unique. The geometric pattern stamp looks sweet when the disc is spinning and comes in several different foil options. Throw a Savant in your bag and see what all they hype is about! 

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