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Innova Metal Flake Champion Gator

Innova Metal Flake Champion Gator

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Metal Flake Champion Gator – The Gator is the go-to overstable Midrange for the Innova lineup. The Gator has a very unique and blunt nose that really creates a slow stable disc that has a ton of control. Great for both forehands and backhands this disc is a great utility disc for anyone that loves Innova and needs an overstable approach disc. This is a small diameter midrange and really has a great feel. A staple in the bags of the top pros, it has a very reliable flight. The flatter ones tend to be more overstable and have a great feel forehand. The Gator will fight headwinds and find skips where other discs fail. Used by many pros over the years it is really a disc that is trusted by many players. Available in a ton of plastics, you will find one that you like. This is a disc that both power arms and more intermediate arms can throw for utility upshots and anything needed to fight the wind. The Metal Flake Champion Gator is a great disc and Innova fans will love it!

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