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Innova Metal Flake Champion Teebird3

Innova Metal Flake Champion Teebird3

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Flight Numbers:  8 | 4 | 0 | 2

Champion Metal Flake TeeBird3 – One of the better throwing fairway drivers to come from Innova in recent years, in our opinion. Just a tick faster than the TeeBird, the TeeBird3 brings a little extra distance to the long standing Teebird reign of Fairway driver dominance. The TeeBird3s can be trusted on a myriad of lines for great shot shaping. This disc is fast becoming one of the go to fairways for many of the Innova sponsored pros. They truly have a great flight and we at OTB are fans of the disc(we are partial to flat and stiff luster and glow ones!!!) Grab a Champion Metal Flake Teebird3 today!

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