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Kastaplast K1 Nord

Kastaplast K1 Nord

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Flight Numbers:  5 | 4 | 0 | 3

The Kastaplast Nord is an overstable midrange disc with a shallower feel when compared to other midranges. It fills a hole in the Kastaplast lineup quite nicely with a decent amount of speed for a midrange, but with a very flat top and strong fade at the end of the flight.

When held, you instantly feel the shallower feel. There is a small bead on the bottom of the rim which fits comfortably in the hand.

Nord is a synonym to the Swedish word norr which translates to north. It represents the northern part of Sweden, Norrland. Just in the same way as Svea represents the middle part, Svealand, and Göte the southern part, Götaland. The trio also completes Kastaplast's home country.

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