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MVP - Plasma Zenith - Special Edition

MVP - Plasma Zenith - Special Edition

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Flight Numbers

Flight Numbers:  11 | 5 | -0.5 | 2

It is designed to feel as good in the hand as it does in the air. The Zenith will exhibit just enough distance lengthening turn from a flat release before its confident fade kicks in with a high power throw, displaying the ideal flight pattern for a controlled distance drive. The Zenith can also shape some truly impressive lines from an anhyzer release, thanks to its subtle turn. Lower power players will find the Zenith to be overstable and dependable in all conditions. We have a feeling this disc will end up in a lot of bags, so get yours today!

DoubleRam Design brings us the next SE in James Conrad’s line of discs, the Plasma Zenith SE! Depicting James conquering a mountain, this stamp represents so much of what we all love about Conrad - calm, nature, and the force of will to conquer any obstacle. By the way, this disc crushes. Reach your Zenith today!

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