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Stokely Discs

Stokely Discs Prototype Thermo Owl

Stokely Discs Prototype Thermo Owl

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The hunter has arrived! The Owl is a very slow approach disc that will stop on a dime on all short to medium length approaches. It's incredibly torque resistant (overstable) -- especially on sidearms. It's low profile allows it to keep its stability in any wind.

Flight #'s: TBD -- Crowdsourcing now. Submit your flight numbers using the link on the Resources tab.

  • Production Run: Pre-Production Prototype
  • Disc Color: WHITE | Hotstamp: BLACK

Thermo plastic - This is our highest end plastic using the best polymers in golf disc technology. It's very grippable, even when wet. It has great "plastic memory" meaning when it hits a tree, it recovers to its original shape leaving very consistent flight characteristics.

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