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Thought Space Athletics

Thought Space Athletics Synapse - Ethereal plastic

Thought Space Athletics Synapse - Ethereal plastic

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Flight Numbers

Flight Numbers:  12 | 5 | -1.5 | 3

The Thought Space Athletics Aura Synapse is an overstable max distance driver made with premium-grade plastic. Aura plastic is the perfect combination of comfort and durability. It offers great grip, a clean release, and can take a beating.

The Aura Synapse is basically a slightly less stable Star Destroyer or Apex Goat. It has more high-speed turn, and offers the same amount of glide and fade.

Intermediate players can throw this driver with a little anhyzer to get a long, glidey s-shaped flight on wide-open fairways. Advanced players with enough arm speed can get the Synapse to hyzer flip, especially as the Aura plastic starts to beat in and becomes less stable.

If you are a forehand-dominate player, the Aura Synapse has enough fade to handle a lot of torque. The moderate turn will let you flex this driver to get max forehand distance.

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