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Thought Space Athletics

Thought Space Mantra - Ethereal - TS Stamp

Thought Space Mantra - Ethereal - TS Stamp

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Flight Numbers

Flight Numbers:  9 | 6 | -2 | 1

Ethereal Mantra – Thought Space Athletics has been killing the stamp and artwork game, and now they are jumping into the manufacturing game. The Mantra is a fairway driver that is controllable and easy to get distance, it is on the faster end of fairways and it has a ton of glide. It is a disc that players of all skill levels can use, for bigger arms it will get some flip and still have enough stability to come out of it at the end. For beginners it will be a reliable but easy to throw 9 speed. It has a really good feel in the hand, with a shoulder that rises steadily into some dome but doesn’t feel noticeably domey. The Thought Space Athletics Mantra feels extremely comfortable both backhand and forehand, giving the you the confidence to throw it and know what it’s going to do. It is available in a couple of plastics so you can get the feel that you want, and the plastic is very high quality. Each version of plastic has their own unique stamp, and let us tell you they know how to create a quality stamp. Be on the lookout for more discs and awesome stamps from Thought Space Athletics in the future.

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